Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1983-1986 Squier Stratocasters and Telecaster

In 1986, I bought a Squier Stratocaster, made in Japan, in Lake Placid Blue. It was my fourth strat, with the first being an Ibanez copy, then a 25th Anniversary Fender and lastly, an early 1983 Fender 1957 reissue. I sold or trade all those away and was strat-less for a few years. This guitar was bought for around $250. Who knew that in 2007, these Japanese-made guitars would be nearing collectable status? Of course, very little of the original guitar remains, as I stripped the LPB finish off, replaced the weak pickups with Texas Specials and put in new pots, switches and bridge saddles. It is now a matte white with a black pick guard. The body is poplar, which works just fine.

Early 1983 Squier Stratocasters, which were 70’s era copies, are going for over $500. A friend of mine had a black Squier strat, with a rosewood neck. He first stripped off the damaged black finish to reveal a highly figured ash body. He also installed Fender Vintage noiseless pickups. It was a fantastic guitar that was later, unfortunately, stolen. He later bought another one off of e-bay, and after keeping it a few years, sold it for over $500.

These guitars are as good as any American made Strat of that time. That is reflected on today’s market. My 1986, an E-series on the serial number, is collectable, but not nearly as the early 1970’s-style copies or the JV series.

I bought another Squier Strat in late 1987 that was made in Korea and was made to be similar to a 1957 model. It was ok and could have possibly been better if I had taken the time to fix it up.

Another friend has a 1983 Squier Telecaster, in black with a maple neck. It has the vintage styling’s, with the 3 brass saddles and small frets.

By far, it is the best Telecaster I have ever played and has the classic Tele sound. This guitar outdoes any American or Mexican Telecaster I have played in recent years. I made an attempt to get my Mexi-Telecaster to sound like that by ordering a vintage style GFS pickup. It comes close, but is not there yet.

I would seriously consider buying the new Squier Thinline Telecaster. I have always wanted a thinline and have thought about building one with parts. This is priced below $300 and looks like a great guitar. Note – link to Fender site.


Uberdada said...

I have an '83 black squier telecaster... and I love it.

Ponchie said...

how much did the E series strat cost?

alascar said...

Question....I think I know but not certain. I have a Squier Bullet- bought it new in 1986. And still have papers and case. 3 pickup. Nowhere anywhere does it say where it's made. It is very heavy- high gloss maple neck. Tele-type neck. In mint condition. I'm wanting to know where its made. serial # is
E611001. I'm told prob japan. I've had real strats and always go back to this one. put in a lace pickup in the bridge. Love the sound and will always be my #1 player. Even over the fender strats. American? Japanese? Any help would be appreciated. thx