Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rush Concert and Guitar Building Links

I saw my second Rush concert a few months ago when Rush rolled into St. Paul. I had seen the Vapor Trails concert years ago. I have been a Rush fan since the first LP back in 1974, but had never seen them in concert until the Vapor Trails tour.

They are supporting the new release, Snakes and Arrows this time around. The three were in great form and hit the stage with "Limelight." Alex used Les Paul guitars for most of the show, with the exception of using his white 355 for the encore. I am amazed at how tight they are as a band. Many of the new songs were featured in the second half of the show. Snakes and Arrows is not a bad CD at all. I have not really listened to it much yet but my initial impressions are positive.

This guy on Harmony-Central is building a Les Paul copy by hand. He is a woodworker by trade and has the tools and expertise to pull it off.

Here is another person building pine-bodied Telecaster copies from old end tables. I would love to play one of these and really like his concept of an "organic" guitar from reclaimed wood and parts that were lying around the shop.

Gibson is finally releasing information of the routing of chambers in production Les Pauls to reduce weight. All of my now-gone Les Pauls were heavy, Norlin-era. The weight is just part the guitars charm, so to speak. Gibson claims that the chambers have very little impact on the trademark sound of a Les Paul. I recently played a new one, and it was very light. I have no opinion on what it would sound like through an amp, as I have not had the chance to hook one up. I would think that since the famous Les Paul sound is rooted in the late 50’s era, that this chambering is not a good idea. I have been reading on Fender Forum and The Gear Page that the sound is almost in ES335 territory.

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