Sunday, November 11, 2007

1983 - Gibson Explorer and Marshall Amp

In 1983, I owned this setup - a brand new first run Gibson Explorer from the new custom shop. I traded a 1983 57 reissue Stratocaster that I just could not get along with. (In the time between the two guitars, I borrowed a 1968 SG Standard, which was then just a 15 year old guitar that I rememer as being not so good and difficult to get along with. Who knew that would be worth so much today?)

The Marshall is a 50 watt from 1969-70, that was used through a Vox 6 x 10 cabinet. This was not the best set up for an apartment, even with the Powersoak!

I sometimes regret getting rid of that Explorer. It was all korina mahogany, with a fantastic neck. The vibrato bar on this picture was a Bolen Bar, that just sat on the exisiting stop tail set up. I did not have it on the guitar for long.
The Marshall was killer. The first time I played through it to test it out before buying, was the first time I had ever played through a Marshall. Somehow, I got the $475 for it all, even though I was only working parttime at a Pizza Hut. The amp did not do as well when I used it later with the strat. I was a bit naive about gear back then and could have used a distortion pedal or EQ with a booster to give it more bite. I bought the amp when I had a Les Paul, so I was using the same amp that Duane Allman used and a similar guitar (in name only, really). I did not sound like Duane, though, no matter how hard I tried.
I traded the amp for a Fostex x-15 four track, which I got many years of use out of and, since I was not a performer, made more sense to have.
The Explorer - well, I traded for a Hamer Prototype, a new guitar with a triple pickup system and Kahler vibrato bar. This guitar left the Explorer in the dust as far as playability and sound. When I got the Hamer, it was pure bliss. I used that guitar for many years as my main performing and recording guitar. As much as I regret getting rid of the Explorer, that Hamer gave me years of service. It is gone, traded for a Stratocaster.
Next mid 60's SG Jr., that I bought for $250 in 1981.

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