Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I recently spent some quality time with a Fender Telecaster Thinline, a Made in Mexico semi-hollow guitar, modeled after the 1969 Thinline. This particular guitar was finished in a beautiful three color sunburst finish. This combo is one of my favorite color schemes.

The features are typical Telecaster, with a one piece maple neck with skunk stripe on the back of the neck, slotted tuners, 21 frets vintage style frets, three saddle adjustable ashtray bridge, and volume and tone controls. The neck was slightly chunky, with a laquered finish, which seems sticky to me, as someone who is used to satin finished necks. But I got over that quickly as I played this guitar through a Classic 30 amp.

The setup was great on this guitar, and finish darn near perfect. Then neck pocket was as it should be. The guitar does not weigh much at all, which is great for my old back.

All that aside, what about the guitar sound? I found that this guitar gave me the twang my Standard does not, although I am changing the pickups on that one soon. I play a lot of blues and classic rock music, and use Stratocasters, along with my Standard Telecaster. The guitar just sang and the semi-hollow body projects the sound beautifully. The neck pickup gets a smooth tone, slightly dark, if you roll off the treble. I really prefer the neck pickup on this guitar.

The bridge pickup is a little harsh, but controllable. I could see doing a pickup change someday but I don’t own this guitar, so I am only thinking out loud here.

This guitar is on my wish list, although I am really intrigued with building my own with Stew-Mac parts. I am a little wary of the small frets, and if I were to spend the money, I would want the larger frets.

However, if I never get around to building a partscaster, this one would do fine.

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