Saturday, November 17, 2007

Univox Hi-Flyer 1976

In the summer of 1976, aftera long beanwalking season, I bought this guitar. It was sitting at the music store where my mom bought sheet music. I had admired it for quite a long time, and when the $150 came in, I got it. I did not know much about guitars. I knew that Duane Allman played a Gibson Les Paul, but I had never played one yet. They were out of reach at that time.

This guitar is a Univox Hi-Flyer, a made in Japan model. It was a copy of a Mosrite from the early sixties. This guitar had two humbucking pickups and a vibrato bridge.
I recall that it had a nice neck and played very well. I had it a year and sold it to a kid in Iowa in the summer of 1977.
Who knew that Kurt Cobain would use this very model of guitar in the early days of Nirvana and cause the prices to go up on them a bit.

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