Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Vintage John Juzek Violin

This is a John Juzek violin, bought for $5.00 by my mom many years ago. It was in bad shape when she found it, and a few years ago, she had it restored.
There is some information on John Juzek on the internet. However, I was told at a violin shop in Minneapolis that the violin was nothing special, maybe worth $350. Now I am hearing by others it could be worth quite a bit more. No one knows. I have found other Juzek violins out there for sale with a four-figure value.

This violin was made in Prauge and has a Juzek signature inside, but it is hard to tell if the signature is ink or maybe printed with the label. I have read the Juzek licensed his name to others. If anyone has any idea about this, leave a comment.
We do plan to take this to Elderly Instruments in Michigan this year for appraisal.
This was a good find at a garage sale. I wish she would have found an old Strat or Les Paul, though.


Anonymous said...

John Juzek was a good maker making instruments in many different grades and finishes. The earliest violin we have seen personally was dated 1901 in Prague. The Stradivarius and Guarneri models are the most frequently encountered. Most older vintage Juzek Violins made in Prague may bring an auction price of $350-$850 on eBay. A Juzek violin depending on age and wood used etc may make it worth in the $1,000's.

transparent abelard said...

I have a John Juzek labelled Violinlaker in Prague with a signature that looks like it could be a printed signature, although I am unsure. The signature looks like it runs over the other printing and the bottom loop of the J in the last name runs off the label itself. Where these labels signed before being pasted it? It also reads Made in Chechoslovakia, a sure sign according to my other research that it was made after WWI. It is in fact not dated on the label at all. What are physical distinctions of Guarneri or Stradivari models? It is 23 inches long. I am not a violinist and I have used it only to create sound samples. But it is has a nice tone, although I find the volume of the highest string to be distractingly louder than the others. That could be of course because I have such terrible bowing technique. Any assistnce in making this provisional assessment of its value would be appreciated
thanks Jeff

Anonymous said...


I have what appears to be the same instrument, again it needs to be restored, but there are no cracks etc. Since your post is over a year old, I'd appreciate the advice/appraisal that you received from your inquiry. I have no resource here in Arkansas for such an appraisal.

Anonymous said...

I have a Juzek violin with label dated 1919. I took this violin to a violin shop for insurance appraisal. They said the all black labels were made by other violin makers employed by John Juzek and that his violin labels were multi colored. The label in my violin is multi colored. The violin is in excellent condition with one scratch on the back - original varnish intact - insurance value 5,000$. The tone of the violin is not superior to my other violins so it is doubtful it would actually sell for that price.

MR832@aol.com said...

I am interested in buying a John
Juzek violin made in Prague. It
is about 160 years old. (no date
inside, but has the same label. I
really like the sound. The cost is
$3,000. I don't know if it is an
original or a factory made instrument. The label is chewed up inside, but it is the same label
as in your picture. It was found in somebody's attic in Schenetady,NY.

CelloSuite1Raphael said...

i have a john juzek violin also..givin from my grandmothers old friend back when she was in NYC. We had it polished and restored at the violin shop and the lady said she's never seen a violin quite like this one..its pegs are nailed instead of pegs that are just slipped on the instrument..it says violin maker formally in Prague.."made in Germany with the john juzek signature..idk how much its worth but by what the lady told me..the darn thing is so old shes never seen anything like it in her life.