Saturday, February 2, 2008

1986 Squier Stratocaster

This is my work-in-progress 1986 Squier Stratocaster, made in Japan. This is the oldest guitar I own and for years it was sitting in parts waiting for the body to be refinished. It used to be Lake Placid Blue, but in a fit of boredom, I stripped it and tried to bleach it to natural white. The body is poplar, and very lightweight. It was repainted as a matte pearl-like white, which is yellowing nicely.

The neck is very comparable to a Fender 1962 reissue, as the Squier was modeled after that guitar. In fact, I recently compared this neck to a new reissue. The Squier neck, being 22 years old, felt better to me. I just love the neck on this guitar.

This guitar now has Texas Special pickups on it. I hope to add better bridge assembly, as it currently has cheap saddles on it. The guitar still needs work, as I feel the Texas Specials are almost too hot for the guitar. As a slide guitar, it works great. The action is high, but I decided to leave it that way for slide and just get used to playing it with higher action that I would normally use. It needs a better rewiring, too, as the bridge pickup is not wired into a tone control. It is too shrill to use. This short clip uses the neck and middle pickup, and I am playing straight into my Peavy Classic 30.

Squiers from 1983 to mid 1987 are getting collectible, believe or not, as the quality was very high on them. The original pickups were weak, and I am not crazy about the bridge assembly. With a few modifications, these guitars are worth it.

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