Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ads from Guitar Player, September 1979

I just found this old issue of Guitar Player, from my senior year in high school. I was playing a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in wine red, my first really good guitar. Funny, I just had a dream this morning that I got it back.

Anyways, here are a few ads from that issue. Click on the pictures to open up a bigger view.

The Gibson ad is cool, as I remember being very impressed by The Paul guitar, a no-frills version of a Les Paul. That guitar was the one I was going to buy in January of 1979, but the Deluxe came in and I got that instead. The Paul was made of walnut, if I recall correctly, with Dirty Fingers pickups. Just a few days ago, I came across a "The SG", selling for $999, in well-used condition. These guitars would be comparable to today's faded line of Les Pauls and SGs. If I had a grand to spend, I would have bought that SG. I have never run across a Maurader or S-1, although if a famous guitarist starting using one, they would probably become collectable.

This ad with Les Paul is interesting as he is holding the sought-after silverburst Les Paul Custom, which are going for high dollars today. The amp is the Lab Series L-5, a 100 watt solid state combo. This was my first good amp, and was very warm sounding. Allan Holdworth used these, as does B.B. King, and the amp is responsible for Ty Tabor (Kings X) much copied tone from the late 1980's. The L-5 can still be found at reasonable prices, as solid state amps are still not as respected as tube amps, althought this one is, depending on who you talk to.

The Guitar Trader ad has been around on the net for awhile. I subscribed to the newsletter of used guitars back in 1978 and remember the days when a pre-CBS Stratocaster or Telecaster went for under $1000. I wish I would have bought one.

I would lust after the guitars on that newsletter, and it seemed that they always had a few 50's Les Paul gold top or sunbursts in stock, going for anywhere fron $1,500 on up. Most other guitars, which were at that time only 10-15 years old, where well under $1,000, just as the ad states. Who knew you could finance your kid's college with one of these "well under a $1,oo0" guitars today? My copies of the newsletters are long gone, but I have seen them come up on guitar forums before.

The Epiphone Genesis was a Japanese guitar, which appears to be a sort-of copy of a Les Paul. I included this because I have noticed people talking about them on a few guitar forums this past year. It looks like a cool guitar.

The Pignose amp is a classic. The Pignose was a decent small portable amp that was very popular back in the day. My old band director played his Les Paul Deluxe through one, and I recall it sounding good.

I used to have many issues of Guitar Player and Guitar World, but threw most of them away in the 1980's. Most of them were cut up, with the pictures going on my bedroom wall. Everynow and then, I find a few a used book stores, which is where this one came from.

I will post more later. Enjoy!

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