Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Randy Rhoads, 1956-1982

Randy Rhoads died on this day in 1982. It is hard to believe it has been that long. I actually remember that day - my brother told me about it. I was not really a fan at that time, although I had the first Blizzard of Oz record. I got into Randy when I heard Diary of a Madman later that year. I mourned his passing then and have ever since. Randy was known for being humble about his talent, and wanted to pursue a degree on classical guitar. He was taking lessons while on tour with Ozzy. Not many guitarists would think of doing that.
Somehwere on my past writings I posted a few pictures that a coworker took at his last show at the Met Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. I never got to see him in concert, unfortunetly, and there is precious little video of him playing. There is a documentary being made about him, according to Randy Rhoads Talk, a forum dedicated to all things Randy. Rumour has it there is newly discovered video.

RIP, Randy. Thanks for your music.

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