Saturday, April 12, 2008

Unknown Hinson: The King of Country Western Troubadours

I just discovered this guy and am not sure what to make of him. I just know that he is one heck of a great guitar player.

Unknown Hinson, whose real name is Stuart Daniel Baker, was a music teacher and studio musician from Charlotte, North Carolina. He created Unknown for a cable TV show that featured comedy sketches and concert footage.

He started touring and was "wowing audiences with his outrageous and campy, white-trash persona and freewheeling, sleazy tone. Hinson's most recent CD release, "Target Practice", melds weepy twang and searing guitar riffs and lyrics that speak of love-gone-bad and the dark side of the honky-tonk lifestyle. Raucous, theatrical and over-the-top, Unknown Hinson isn't just for the trailer park set anymore!" (Source:

I spent some time last night watching him on YouTube and found that his guitar tone is fantastic. He plays a Reverend with P-90 pickups through Vox amps. Twang tone for days here! Plus, the guy is funny as hell. Some of his fans include Billy Bob Thorton, Matt Groening (creator of the Simpsons), Tom Petty, and even the Rolling Stones.

A few links: Review in Illinois Entertainer; Wikipedia Entry, and an interesting interview at

I would definently go see him in concert. I would love to have his guitar tone. That Reverend though the Vox is raunch rock and roll at its best. Check him out on YouTube!


LivingDust said...

Hey guys,

I got to see Unknown Hinson perform at The Continental Club in Houston, Texas on May 16th and I can tell you it was a powerful, guitar slingin' two hour, non-stop show. When he hit the stage at midnight those two Vox amps and that Reverend guitar were blowin' folks away. He uses a old Vox Tonelab SE and makes virtually no adjustments during his show. He did hit one foot switch for a particular song, but that was about it. His drummer and bass player are top of the line pro's and he is captivating performer and entertainer. If Unknown comes to your area, do yourself a favor and check him out. You'll be glad you did.

Dead_Body_Man said...

You got that right, Living dust!!!! Unknown Hinson was awesome!!! He had a show in Somerset, KY....I was in the front soon as he hit the stage it was a nonstop concert for 2 hours...when it ws over, I got his autograph and pix with him and he signed my guitar! When I left the building, I felt deaf for about an hour haha...

LivingDust said...

I think Unknown Hinson ought to be Presidunt of the Unitade States. He makes purdy muusuck. And yes, if you stand next to the stage at a Unknown Hinson consert, you eers are gonna hurt, realy bad.

Brian said...

Hinson was unknown to me prior to being lured to one of his shows by Marrianne the promoter in Raleigh, NC. Her description was intruiging, to say the least, and he was tons weirder than I was prepared for, but have subsequently come to love his demented wit, (if that's what it is), showmanship, and yes, his spectacular guitar abuse. I just wish the womerns would listen up.

Remo "Uzi" Gwaldabi
Groove Scientist

Pat Sykes said...

He is truly The King of country Western Troubadours. A refreshing change.