Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Edge Puts His Gibson Explorer Up for Auction

The Edge has sold one of his iconic guitars - a 1976 Gibson Explorer. He bought it used in New York in the mid 70's, and it was supposedly the first in Ireland. This guitar was used on most of the early U2 albums and tours, and continued to be used throughout his career, even as he added different guitars to his arsenal.

I love Explorers, and wish I would have been able to see this guitar. It sold for $130,000, to benefit the Music Rising cause, which is to replace instruments that musicians lost in Hurriance Katrina.

Edge is a great guy to do this. I would think it is hard to give up an instrument that was so important to the U2 sound. He sold his white Les Paul Custom last year, which was another iconic guitar. I would think that the black 70's strat featured in the Gloria and Red Rocks video would be next.

Here is a link to the Gibson website, which talks about it.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Very cool of him to do this. Gotta love those U2 boys.

explorer said...

From what I've learned through the boards, this explorer is not the original one Edge got in 1978, he still has the original. He had more than one of these. The one auctioned was purchased in the late '80's.