Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Animal Logic and Deborah Holland

In 1990, we went to see Animal Logic at the Fine Line Cafe in Minneapolis. We got there early, sat near the front, and ordered up lots of food to keep us busy for the two hours we would have to wait.

The wait was worth it, as we were able to see Stewart Copeland, Deborah Holland and Stanley Clarke close up. Rusty Anderson was the guitarist. Rusty had played on the album, and went on to fame as the guitarist for Paul McCartney many years later.

The band put on one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Animal Logic were not a guitar-based band. Clarke handled most of the solos on record, but Rusty cut loose and gave the songs a sonic punch that made it hard for me to listen to the CD. I wanted to hear him again!

Deborah Holland is a magnificent singer and songwriter. I can see why she was chosen. I had read that they had auditioned many singers, and were about to give up, when her demo tape made its way to them. She wrote almost all the material, which was quite an accomplishment when surrounded by such talent. She should have been a huge star, in my opinion.

Stewart Copeland is one of the best drummers in rock, and made my wife say that she never realized how much a drummer can add to the band. To see him up so close was a treat.

This concert was the last of the tour and may have been one of the last in America. Animal Logic released one more CD, Animal Logic II, then broke up. That CD had alot of great songs on it, including the minor hit, I Won't Be Sleeping Anymore. Stanley Clarke carries the song, Stone In My Shoe, which is one of my favorites. There is not much prominent guitar on this CD, but it does not matter.

Standout tunes from the first release, Animal Logic, are Firing Up My Sunset Gun, Elijah, and the hit, Spy in the House of Love.

The band has a MySpace page, which has most of the videos from YouTube. And they have a website from IRS Records. The Wikipedia page has links to interview with the band.

Deborah Holland , to my surprise, is in a group called The Refugees. The last time I read about her she was a music professor at California State University, Los Angeles.

The Refugees also have Wendy Waldman and Cindy Bullens as members.

I am glad to see her still writing and recording music. Her solo material is quite different than Animal Logic, but still nice to listen to her fantastic voice.

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