Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eva Cassidy

How can I go from Bloodrock to Eva Cassidy in just a few days?

It was because I have Eva's version of Fields of Gold on my iPod and was listening to it yesterday. I was walking around the pond at my office park on a beautiful early fall afternoon, looking around at the changing leaves, while enjoying this heavenly voice.

Eva's story is sad. She died before she made a name for herself, outside of Washington D.C area. Her version of this song, and of Over the Rainbow, were played on a radio show in Enlgand, and moved many people to wonder who she was. It was with great sadness that it was announced that she had died a few years earlier.

She had the voice of an angel. I have never heard a voice more pure that Eva's. I find her voice and life inspiring. Eva had chances to sign to a major record label, but refused them, as she thought they would make her change her vision of her music. They sure would have. People like Eva do not come along very often.
Thankfully, she left the world a few albums and videos.

From Wikipdeia:
Four years later, Cassidy's music was brought to the attention of UK audiences when her versions of "Over the Rainbow" and "Fields of Gold" were played on BBC Radio 2. Following the overwhelming response, a camcorder recording of "Over the Rainbow" taken at the Blues Alley was shown on BBC Two's Top of the Pops 2. Shortly after, the compilation album Songbird, climbed to the top of the UK Albums Charts, almost three years after its initial release. The chart success in the United Kingdom led to increased recognition worldwide; as of 2008, her posthumously released recordings, including three UK #1s, have sold around eight million copies.[1] Her music has also charted top 10 positions in Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

There are many videos on youTube of Eva, including the ABC News report on her, which is where I first heard of her. Please take the time to give her a listen. I can't tell you her story - it is already written on many websites. They do a much better job than a non-writer like me.

Eva's website.
Crosstown Arts

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