Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Agile AL2000 guitar.

I have been home sick for the last few days. Since I have the house to myself, I thought it would be fun to tape myself playing my Agile AL2000 guitar along with a backing track. The magnets in the pickups were changed to alnico's (from StewMac), a cheaper alternative to getting all new pickups. They are ok, but I probably get a new pickup for the bridge. This clip is the neck pickup, which sounds great. The amp is a Peavey Classic 30, and I used a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal throught the clean channel. This works well with this guitar, but does not work with my Stratocasters very well. Enjoy - it is only a few minutes long.

I make a few mistakes here, as I a bit under the weather and tired. But what the heck...

The Agile AL2000 is a Korean-made guitar, sold only through It has a multi-piece mahogany body, maple top with a thin maple veneer (no photo flame here). The neck is maple, with a rosewood fingerboard. This guitar has very few flaws. The finish, fretwork and binding are near perfect. The 21st fret needs a bit of work, so I have have to file that down a little. This guitar was $100 on a christmas sale about 3 years ago. They sell for $199 and is the cheapest of the AL product line. I have been "bonding" with this guitar lately, although I usually play a Stratocaster or Telecaster. It is heavy, which is one of the reasons I prefer Fenders. But still...for $100 how can you go wrong.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

That was so fun to watch!!!! I am sorry you're home sick but what a great way to spend time. I could sit and watch someone play guitar for hours. Good stuff, thanks for sharing. She seems like a nice guitar :)