Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Janet Robin

Janet Robin is a Los Angeles-based guitarist-singer, who just happens to have had the late great Randy Rhoads as a guitar teacher when she was still in her teens.

Randy had lots of students, and I have always wondered if any of them went on to a music career. Janet has - touring with Lindsay Buckingham, Colin Hay, Meridith Brooks, and has written or recorded wtih Clumsy Lovers, Catie Curtis, Patty Larkin, Garrison Starr, Melissa Etheridge, Loudon Wainwright III, Melissa Ferrick, Maia Sharp, The Wild Colonials, and Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart).

She also has TV and film credits, with her music being used on “Felicity” and Formosa CafĂ© that was on the soundtrack of the film “Free Enterprise”. The song Brownstone from her second album was used in the TV sitcom “Good Girls Don’t” and the song Around The Corner from that same album is being used in the DVD release of the TV series “Wonderfalls”.

Here is a link to her MySpace page, a Modern Guitar interview, a video on Girls with Guitars and on the Fleetwood Mac page.

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