Saturday, January 10, 2009

1983 Squier Telecaster and my Partscaster

I have been borrowing a friends Made in Japan Squier Telecaster. This guitar is fantastic, and has the best tone of any Tele I have ever played. I do not know why it sounds so good, as this guitar was designed to compete with the Tokai, Fernandes and Ibanez copies that were cutting into Fenders market. These Squiers, especially the ones with the JV and SQ serial numbers, are very popular in the collectors market, with prices going up to $500. Not bad for a guitar that probably cost a $200. This Telecaster, with the SQ serial number, is modeled after a vintage 50's era Tele. I have played the Squiers that were made after the 70's-era Fenders, with the three hole neck plate and top loading strings. They were nice, but not like this one.

This video took me at least 15 takes! I never did get it perfect, and had problems hearing the backing track. But what the heck... it was fun to do and I just like playing this guitar.

I just finished routing out the wood on this partscaster. I bought the body a few years back, and just got around to doing the work on it.

I wanted to assemble and test it before I committed to buying the parts so I took apart my Fender Standard Telecaster, transfered over the parts and wired it all up. The two piece ash body sounds excellent, with better tone than the alder Fender body. I am going to take it apart in the spring, and finish the body in a butterscotch or amber color, like the Fenders of the 1950's. I will eventually buy the rest of the parts, and hope to have it all done by the end of the year.


Dm said...

Awesome work! I would love to have a telecaster but that will be my next guitar. For now I'm working with my modded Squier 51...which is close enough.


Jack said...
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