Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My New Website: Retro Ads and Graphics

The new site is called RETRO ADS AND GRAPHICS.

It does not have much to do with music, although I put in a music/TV/film category. I recently discovered boxes of old magazines at a relatives house. I was impressed with the beautiful artwork in many of the ads, particularly from Saturday Evening Post and Life. Many of the ads were full page, in full color and wonderfuly illustrated. Most car ads of the day used drawings instead of photos. In fact, illustrations were used on most ads, up until the mid 1960's. I wanted a project to practice my web design and web programming skills, so here it is.

I will be adding many more advertisements and interesting graphics, logos and color artwork over the next few months. I have lots of source material and hope to expand to other types of magazines, hoepfully music related ones. I have put two old ads from issue 17 of Rolling Stone: an ad for The Pink Floyd and one for a new Doors release. I also have access to old catalogs, with lots of pictures of old guitars and amps. Check it out and feel free to leave any comments.

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