Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cosmosquad - Progressive Rock from Hollywood

I recently came across Cosmosquad, an instrumental trio from Hollywood, Ca. Very impressive music here.

Formed in 1997, the trio has released a DVD, Lights, Camera, Squad!, which adds their 4 CDs. The DVD features songs from all the previous releases, plus bonus features. The band consists of guitarist Jeff Kollman, drummer Shane Gaalaas and bassist Christopher Maloney.

Cosmosquad is best described as a progressive rock band, and are worth checking out. The band has a few videos on YouTube as well . I found them on

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shane Speal and the Cigar Box Guitar

This is just amazing. Shane Speal,, has been playing a guitar made out of a cigar box and a stick, with three strings. It just goes to show you can make music with just about anything.

Shane is called the "King of Cigar Box Guitar" and has released 10 CDs so far. Check out his website for more information.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Allman Brothers Band - "Please Call Home" movie on DVD

I have been waiting for this one for awhile - a film about the Allman Brothers Band's time in Macon, when they lived at the "Big House". The big house was their home from 1970-1973. This is where most of them lived at one time or another. It was where many of the songs were written, and where they rehearsed. It was also the last place Duane Allman was at before his death on October 29, 1971. The house has a long history, and is currently owned by Kirk West, the ABB's road manager. It acts as a museum, as well, with many historical items from the band's long history.

From the website,

"You’ll be able to sit on the front porch where Duane Allman and Berry Oakley whiled away all those hot Southern afternoons, making music, making friends and making history. You can walk up the steps to that porch and almost hear the footsteps of Jaimoe or Butch Trucks or Chuck Leavell walking up beside you. Those bells you hear in the distance on a Sunday morning? They’ll ring forever in Dickey Betts’ “Blue Sky.” You’ll find out what it was about the place that made it magic, that made it special, that made it home—so much so that when Gregg Allman wrote, “Please Call Home,” this is the home he was writing about. This is where the journey began and the Big House Foundation is now making this one little stretch of Vineville Avenue in Macon, Georgia the road that goes on forever. "

"Please Call Home" was made by Bright Blue Sky Productions and The Big House Foundation and was produced as a fundraiser for the Big House Foundation. Visit the website,