Saturday, May 30, 2009

Linda Ronstadt

Last night we were watching "Walk the Line", the wonderful biopic of Johnny Cash. While it was on, I was looking him up on YouTube to see his old videos. Somehow I ended up switching over to videos of Linda Ronstadt. I was all of 14 when she started to really hit it big. I grew up listening to her music, as my brother had her albums and tapes. It is easy to forget her contribution to the music world. Linda was the first woman to ever play the arena circut. She was the first major woman rock star to tour the world and have multiple hits, such as "Silver Threads and Golden Needles, Your No Good, It's So Easy, When Will I Be Loved", and many more. She has been in the music business since 1965, and had a hit in the late 60's with "Different Drum", along with her band, The Stone Ponys. Her career spans over 30 years, from rock, to jazz, big band and Broadway.

When the MTV craze hit in the 1980's, she was eclipsed by others such as Madonna. However, Linda just moved over to another style of music and continued to sell millions of records.

I was a big fan of Linda back in the day, and really enjoyed looking at the videos from those days. Hearing her sing the songs mentioned above really brought me back to my teenage years, and made me remember just how much Linda's music was a part of that.

It was amazing to read her entry on Wikipedia, and to see just how many records she sold and how many awards she has.

Thanks, Linda, for your music!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yuto Miyazawa - 9 year old guitar prodigy on Ellen

Here is a link to the Ellen Show, featuring a 9 year old boy from Japan playing "Crazy Train." This youngster has been influenced by Randy Rhoads, as he is using a polka dot Flying V copy. He even mentions Randy as his influence, which goes right over Ellen's head. This is so cool to see Randy's influence on kids today. His gravestone says, "An inspiration to young people." How true that is. Randy has been gone for many years, so it is great to see his music being carried on by the young kids of today. I know how to play Crazy Train, but this young man does it way better than I ever could! Watch to whole thing, as there is a great suprise at the end.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Levon Helm Coming to St. Paul; Neko Case and Robin Trower

Spring is here, and once again, I do not have much to write about. When it finally gets nice up here in Minnesota, one does not want to spend too much time on the computer.

I was reading the paper last Friday, while in the break room at work, and chanced upon an ad for the upcoming Levon Helm concert at the Fitzgerald Theater on June 10. The tickets were going on sale at noon, so after checking with my wife to make sure she wanted to go, I was logged on at noon, ready to get the best tickets available. I managed to get middle section, five rows back from the stage. Not bad at all.

My wife is a fan of the The Band, and owns just about everything they have ever put out. She is at the moment playing songs on the piano from the rare songbook she found on ebay. She has been wanting to see Levon in concert, as he rarely tours. He performs shows at his house in Woodstock in his converted barn. These are called the "Midnight Rambles", and are available on DVD.

So imagine our suprise to see that he will be here in June! It should be an excellent show. One rarely gets the chance to see a musical legend up close.

I saw Neko Case a few weeks ago and was blown away by her voice and her band! If you ever get the chance to see her, go for it. It is hard to describe her music to people who have never heard it. Goth alternative country, maybe. Regardless, her voice is heavenly, and her band one of the best I have heard.

Robin Trower is coming here on June 28. I hope to get tickets. Another change to see a legend. I have been a fan of Robin since 1974, when I first heard "Bridge of Sighs", with that fantastic opening riff.