Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fender Roadworn Guitars

Fender introduced a cheaper version of their relic, custom-shop guitars recently. I have played six of them at a few stores this past week.

These guitars are made in Mexico, and are mass-produced relics, with the wear and tear being the same on all guitars. How original. Take a brand new guitar, worth about $500, artificially tear it up and sell if for $950. Then have all the gear heads on the guitar forums go nuts over them, and have no problems what so ever buying them at these prices and feel great that they got a good deal. That is great if you like it and it makes you play better. More power to you.

I did not like any of these guitars. Here is an idea - try and play your guitar and put the wear and tear in on it yourself. These guitars were not very good at all. They did not sound or feel any different than the cheaper Mexican-made Strats and Teles. There was nothing special about them at all, other than the fact that you have spent way too much money for a guitar that looks just like the some other musicians guitar.

Some players prefer the worn-feel of a guitar. I get that. Totally. I have played pre-CBS Fenders and can attest to the fact that an old, worn in neck is heavenly. These did not feel that way at all to me.

The guitars did not sound any different than my American-made strats, or my Made in Mexico Telecaster, which is one of the best I have played.

Hey - if you like these guitars, good for you. You have found a guitar that meets your needs, so play the heck out of it. I just think it is all a bunch of Fender-hype.

I am crabby today and have probably had too much Corona.

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