Sunday, June 21, 2009

Squier Classic Vibe Guitars

I am a bit behind on talking about the Classic Vibe series by Squier. They came out well over a year ago, however, my local Guitar Center had never even heard of them the last time I was there! Luckily, Best Buy has started selling guitars, and usually have in stock the guitars that Guitar Center does not. That was the case when I went to the local Best Buy (not that I really like the store much, but I needed some software), and low and behold, they had one of these sitting there waiting to be played.

The Stratocaster, in the 1950s style, looked identical to my old 1957 Stratocaster reissue that I owned many years ago. I was just stunned at how good of a guitar this was. The finish and fretwork was perfect, the sound was great as it was, although many would change out the pickups anyway, but as it was, it had the Stratocaster tone we all love. It has a very lightweight alder body, which looked to be two pieces, probably three in a beautiful two-tone sunburst.

At $349, you will not be disappointed with this. They did not have a Telecaster, but I am sure that it is great, too. The folks at the Telecaster Disccussion Page love this guitar.

If I needed another Stratocaster or Telecaster, I would get one of these over the Mexican-made Standards. The MIM's are great guitars, too, but this one would be closer to the vintage style. They are soooo better than those Road-worn models that I was ranting about a few weeks ago. Get one of these, maybe modify it to suit your needs, then take it out and play the heck out of it. Add your own sweat and tears to it rather than have it faked. I want one of these, but I do not NEED one!

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