Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jim Weider Band

I have not had much time or interest in listening to music as of late. However, I have rediscovered the guitar-genius Jim Weider. I downloaded a free set of his music from the great website, Internet Archive, where there are thousands of free songs posted with the permission of the artist.

I have been listening to this and am convinced he is one of the best sort-of-unknown guitarists in the world.

I was fortunate to see him as part of the Levon Helm Band this past June. His role in that band was to add tasty Telecaster stylings, and to play mostly acoustic guitar. He did not play in the style I am listening to here, which convinces me he can play any style. On the sets from the Internet Archive, he is blasting away with a hell-bound fury.
By the way, during the Levon Helm show, he played ONE electric guitar, a vintage or a reissue of a 50's Telecaster. No changing guitars every song for this guy.

Do yourself a favor - check Jim's music out. Download a set from the Internet Archive. You can't preview the music there, but take a chance and do it.
Speaking the Internet Archive, take some time and explore this site. As I mentioned above, there are THOUSANDS of free songs here, all perfectly legal and live. I have downloaded quite a few Derek Trucks and Buckethead sets. If you enjoy cheesy Coronet educational films, you will find them here, as well as a few old TV ads and shows. This is good stuff, people.

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