Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kings Of Leon

I guess I am a few years behind, as I have just discovered Kings of Leon. I have been listening to them quite alot as of late, thanks to, which has many of their songs posted.

Kings of Leon consists of Anthony "Caleb" Followill (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ivan "Nathan" Followill (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and Michael "Jared" Followill (bass guitar, backing vocals), with their cousin Cameron "Matthew" Followill (lead guitar, backing vocals). They formed in Nashville in 1999, and soon were signed to RCA. Kings of Leon became very successful in Europe, and have opened of U2 and toured with Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam during 2005 and 2006.

I have been listening to "Only by the Night", their 2008 release. I like most of the songs here, unusual for me, as I tend to only like a few songs on any CD. "Manhattan", "Crawl", "Use Somebody", "Revelry", "Notion" and "Be Somebody" are my favorites here. Kings of Leon are very distinctive, with Calebs vocals standing out. He does not sound like anyone else in music today. You know it is him when you hear it. The guitar work is fantastic, not full of solos or guitar-wizardry, just simple work, with great tone coming from primarily Gibson guitars. Caleb uses an old Gibson ES-325 into a Matchless DC-30 or Lightning. I heard he recently smashed his 325 in a fit of rage during a concert.

Matthew uses an Epiphone Sheraton II into an Ampeg Reverbrocket, with pedals providing the overdrive tones. The Shearton is an inexpensive Korean or Chinese made semi-hollow guitar that has long been on my list to own.

Check Kings of Leon out. It took me long enough to start listening to them. You will not be disapponted.

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