Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Max Air 2 Air and a Few Apollo-era Space Items

I am an aviation buff. Have been since I dreamed of becoming a pilot when I was a kid. Guitars and planes...that was me. I learned guitar, but never learned to fly. I have only flown a plane for about 5 minutes, when I got ride in a WWII Stearman trainer. I fly plenty these days, on my computer with Flight Simulator. Safer that way, and lots cheaper.

I found this great website from a fellow Minnesotan, air photographer Max Payne. The site is This site is full of fantastic pictures from all aspects of aviation. I wish I could to fly, but my time has passed. Max takes incredible pictures along with a story or short commentary. The site is worth a visit if you like airplanes. Some of the planes featured on the site have flown over my house, as I live near a very popular airport in the Twin Cities. Hard to miss these vintage planes in sky as they rumble overhead.

I just finished reading a book about the Apollo astronauts. The book is called Moondust, written by Andrew Smith. This is a non-technical book, written for the masses, mostly about the personal impact the moon landings had on them. He did not get interview from Neil Armstrong, but did exchange e-mails. I loved this book. These guys were my heros, willing to sacrifice everything. Did you know that they got paid only dollars a day when they were in space? Armstrong as a civilian, and got paid about $28,000 a year. The rest were military men, who had to expense report out the time in space. Another fun fact: an average cell phone or iPod has more computing power than the spacecraft.
I also watched an amazing film called In The Shadow of the Moon. This film interviews all but one (Armsrtong) of the 9 remaining moonwalkers. The astronauts do all the talking here, mixed in with lots of archival footage. This is probably the best documentary about Apollo that I have ever seen. Highly recommened.

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