Monday, March 22, 2010

Guitarists Who Are Carrying On With The Jimi Hendrix Spirit

I was inspired by the Experience Hendrix concert and spent some time this weekend looking around the web for other guitarists who play in the spirit of Jimi. A few came up that are worth mentioning.

Randy Hansen has been around forever as the best Hendrix tribute. His guitar chops and Hendrix's Marshall-driven tone are amazingly close to the real thing. Randy has been critized for being too close to Hendrix. I am not sure why, as he has done much to keep the memory alive. Maybe people see it as a cliché-ridden performance. I look at it as just great music played in the spirit of its creator.

Randy Hansen Videos:

I just discovered Lance Lopez from Texas. He has taken his Hendrix and SRV influences seriously and has emerged as a guitar player to be reckoned with. He has worked with Buddy Miles, Tommy Shannon, eric Gales. toured the world opening for Steve Vai and Jeff Beck, won numerous awards, and released many CDs.

Lance Lopez Videos:

Eric Gales has been around for years, starting as a young teenage prodigy in the early 1990s. He played on the last Experience Tour, but sadly, is currently in prison on a probation violation. Eric is simply amazing, playing left handed but with the guitar strung right-handed. He was a standout on the last Experience tour, drawing rave reviews for his interpretations of Jimi's music. I am sure that once out of prison , he will tour and record again.

I would put Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush in this category, although he does not have the Hendrix tone, he writes and plays in the style of Jimi.

I was a huge Mahogany Rush fan when I was a teenager, and find that their music still holds up today. I plan to write about Frank later, as he was an influence on my guitar playing.

More later...

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