Monday, April 5, 2010

David Grissom - Virtuoso Blues Guitarist from Texas

I usually try to keep track of guitar players who are in the news or popular on the guitar forums I frequent. A few names keep popping up – Robben Ford, Johnny Hyland and David Grissom.

I went over to YouTube to see what the fuss was about on David Grissom, a well-known influential guitarist from Texas. I see his name all over the place, as a sideman for various musicians, or as a PRS-endorser with his own signature guitar. (I want one! $$$$)

I should have checked him out before as he is every bit as good as people say he is! I should know better by now to check out what other guitarists are saying.

David is from Austin, Texas – yet another in a long line of famous Texas guitarists. He is known for his early work with Joe Ely, and as guitarist in the John Mellencamp Band. He formed the critically-acclaimed Storyville with Malford Milligan (vocals), David Holt (guitar), and Double Trouble together with Tommy Shannon (bass) and Chris Layton (drums) and has toured and recorded with the Allman Brothers, the Dixie Chicks, Ringo Starr, Buddy Guy, John Mayall, Robben Ford and many others.

His original songs have been recorded by Trisha Yearwood, John Mayall, LeeAnn Womack, Shannon Curfmann , among many others.

Grissom released his first solo album "Loud Music" in 2007. . In January 2009 he released his second CD "10,000 Feet." He has also written an educational “Guide To Blues/Rock Guitar Soloing” with an extra CD containing examples of his style, published by Cherry Lane Music.

This page on features many of his songs. Check him out if you like hard driving blues guitar! I certainly plan to catch up his music. I could learn a thing or two from him.

A few videos:

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