Thursday, April 1, 2010

Duane Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Toy Caldwell

Too tired to write much today. Here are a few links to websites that I found interesting:

Duane Allman's first Les Paul was a 1957 Goldtop. He used this guitar to learn slide, and it was used for the first few years of the Allman Brothers Band. This was the guitar that was used to record most of "Layla."

As the sessions for "Layla" ended, he traded this guitar for a 1958 cherryburst Les Paul. He took the pickups from the goldtop and put them in the sunburst. The 58 was the guitar used for the Fillmore shows, as he acquired the famous "tiger striped" 1959 Les Paul in mid 1971.

The Goldtop ended up in private hands and was sold in the late 1970's. The guitar, according to Vintage Guitar magazine, was repainted in gold and aged a bit and has been positively identified by the distinctive markings on the fret markers. 

The story of the guitar.

Here is a site dedicated to this guitar showing detailed pictures.

Here is amazing video of Duane playing the guitar at Love Valley. This was video footage that had no sound until someone took the time to sync it up with a bootlet tape of the concert. This is, to me, the best Duane footage out there today.

Stevie Ray Vaughan is famous for using a Fender Stratocaster. When he was just starting out, he used a 1951 Fender Telecaster givin to him by his brother, Jimmie.  This was the guitar that he learned on. He sold the guitar and later regretted it. The guitar has the word "Jimbo" carved into the back.

The guitar has surfaced. Here is a website that someone set up about it.

Toy Caldwell was one of my favorite guitarists when I was a youngster learning the guitar. He was the lead guitarist for the Marshall Tucker Band out of Spartansburg, South Carolina. They were one of the southern bands spawned by the popularity of the Allman Brothers Band.

Toy played Les Pauls, mostly 1970's models (his 52 and 58 were stolen in 1975) and played with his thumb. I can't say enough how good Toy was. Sadly, Toy died in 1993. He was only 45!

See for yourself how good he was.

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