Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brent Mason

I am just getting into the guitar wizardry of Brent Mason. I have heard about him for years, and am now just checking him out.

Brent Mason is one of the most recorded guitarists in history, performing on sessions with George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, Wade Hayes, Toby Keith, Randy Travis, Neil Diamond, and many others.

And you can add a large percentage of all the songs on top 40 country music stations today, top 40 pop stations, as well as many TV commercials.

He was in demand through much of the '90s, playing on albums by Alan Jackson, David Gates, Brooks Dunn, George Strait, Neil Diamond and Shania Twain, among many others.

Brent was signed to Mercury Records in 1997, and released an instrumental album entitled "Hot Wired" later that year. This was his only major-label album. He broke his contract with Mercury records  to remain in Nashville and work in the recording studio as an A-List session guitarist rather than spend most of his time on the road touring and away from his family. He and his brother Randy released a second album, entitled "Smokin' Section," in 2006.

Brent is also well-known in the guitar world for the wiring of his Telecaster. In his younger days, he could not afford three guitars. So he added a mini humbucking pickup to the neck and  added a stacked humbucker pickup in the middle with its own volume control, enabling him to blend that midde pickup in with the others. This beefed up the sound of the guitar, but still retained the Telecaster twang. Valley Arts guitar now has a signature guitar named for Brent which duplicates his original. 

I have just added a minihumbucker to my Telecaster and am interested in doing this mod to it later, or maybe just building a new Tele with this mod.

Check out Brent Mason if you can. I plan to. I love discovering new guitarists.  Even if they have been around forever, they are still new to me.

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