Tuesday, May 11, 2010

John Denner - Guitarist

John Denner puts to rest the notion that a physical handicap can keep you from becoming a great guitarist.

I am very impressed by John's music.

Anything is possible if you have the determination to succeed. I bet there were plenty of people who told him when he was just starting out that "you could never play the guitar."  Guess he showed them a thing or two.

From his website:
"If you've heard anything about John Denner, you probably know he was born without a right hand.
And if you've had the privilege of hearing him play, you also know he's one of the most phenomenal guitar players in rock today.
These two facts alone are enough to amp up the guilt in your "I can't because . . ." file.

But you can't feel bad around him. There's something about John that makes you want to celebrate ... to marvel ... to wonder what it is about his playing that moves you so deeply."

I can agree with that.

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