Saturday, October 16, 2010

Interesting Links to Check Out

I feel like I should be writing something today, but am too tired to really do much. However, this past week I have found a few items around the world wide web that some of you may find fun to read.

From Fender's website: an article about 2112 and Moving Pictures by Rush. It is from the series of DVDs called Classic Albums. This was interesting article. I will have to put this DVD on my christmas wish list.  It will replace that cool Red Rider BB gun I have have had my eye on!

Jas Obrecht is (or was) a writer for Guitar Player magazine. He now has an excellent blog recounting his years as a writer. He recently had a few articles about one of my main music inspirations, Duane Allman.  He interviewed the people from Duane's early teenage years, when he was just starting to play guitar. This post was an interview with Jim Shepley, the boy who taught Duane how to play guitar. This was a great read. There are two other interviews with other friends, as well.

The one article I liked was about the Woodstock performance by Jimi Hendrix. One just assumes, when you watch the Woodstock movie, that the performance was great.  This article recalls the numerous difficulties Jimi had with the musicians and technical parts of the show. For instance, none of the guitars would stay in tune due to the cold weather. 

This blog is one of the best music blogs I have found.  Take time to read all the great articles. I must have spent a few hours going through them all.

Gibson Guitars has an interview with the family of Randy Rhoads.  Gibson has just released the Randy Rhoads Les Paul Custom tribute guitar.  A nice gesture but an incredibly expensive guitar.  Good article, though. Randy was a fan of George Lynch, who replaced Randy as guitar teacher at Musiona, at Randy's recommendation. Musonia is the music school that Randy's mom, Delores, still runs. I wanted to stop there when I was in LA years ago, but did not have the time. The family is receptive to fans visiting and it has been a pilgrimage for Randy fans for many years.

When I was youngster, I watched a late night movie called Blowup (1966), about a photographer witnessing a murder in London. There was a scene in the film of a rock band. The guitarist destroys his guitar in mid-song. I did not know it at the time, being just a little kid staying up way too late, that the band was the Yardbirds and that this is one of the rare clips that featured Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on guitar. Jimi is playing his pre-painted Fender Telecaster here, and Jeff destroys his.

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