Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jimmy Page - 1957

Here is a treat. A video of Jimmy Page done in 1957, when he was in a skiffle band. During the interview at 2:40, he says he wants to work in biological research. This is an amazing video when you realize that 10 years later he was in the Yardbirds, and laying the groudword for Led Zepplin.

Jimmy Page was a huge influence on my early guitar playing days. I hate it when he gets ripped on in the guitar forums I frequent for being a sloppy guitarist. Who cares?! This is rock and roll, it is not meant to be perfect all the time. I love his guitar playing and still listen to Led Zepplin frequently.

I sold my Les Paul Standard years ago, but whenever I listen to Jimmy, I want one again! I was foolish to sell it, although I got a great Stratocaster out of it, plus the Les Paul had extensive modifications that sort of ruined its Les Paul tone. Still...

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