Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tosin Abasi and the 8 string guitar

I just found this in - Tobin Abasi playing an 8-string guitar. This is all new to me, and I am glad I found it. Tobin plays in a band called "Animals As Leaders" , based in Washington, D.C. It appears the band is basically Tobin, who plays bass, guitar and vocals, with drums programmed by Misha Mansoor.  I love finding out about musicians like Tobin. This is really great music - different and exciting to watch someone at this level.

I would love to play a guitar like this. Rondo Music has quite a few 8 string guitars for sale. This style of guitar playing must be getting popular. I can barely handle 6 strings on a guitar. I can't imagine having 7 or 8!  There are very few to try in the local stores.

Tobin plays Ibanez guitars. Here is an interview with him from 2007.

Great music here. Check his work out.

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