Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'

I found this gem on YouTube a few nights ago and am one what is probably my 20th listening of it.
I was logoking for choral music, just for fun, to expand my music collection. I particularly like music that has been used in films. It is hard to find, as I often do not take note of who does the music in a film.

The following video is by renowned conductor and composer Eric Whitacre. He was impressed by the a video of a young woman singing one of his songs that was posted to Youtube. He thought if she could do this, what about getting 100s of people to post their part, then string them together to make a virtual choir. He did this with his song "Sleep." It was a great success. So he decided to do it again with his song, Lux Aurumque. He offered up a backing track and had the sheet music downloaded for free for each person to sing their parts. He then taped himself conducting the song, conducting to the music in his head. After it was done, it was put together in this video. This is quite possibly the most beautiful music I have ever heard. There are multiple versions of this song around, by other choirs, marching bands and orchestras. But I like this best. Here is Eric explaining how it all came to be. Please let me know what you think of this. It is just breathtaking.

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