Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Visit my Hubpage Page!

This past weekend I discovered Hubpages, a web site that makes writing and posting much easier. The content on these pages are different than here, for the most part, as Hubpages does not allow duplicate postings. I found that out fairly quickly! This forces me to come up with new content. I am not a prolific blogger, as anyone who visits this site on a regular basis has probably noticed. However, with winter on its way, I usually find more time to write. Lately,I have been finding more inspiration, as well. Not sure why - it just kicks in.

A few of the topics I have put up on Hubpages are an article on Freddie King, Cliff Gallup, Freddie Gruber, who passed away yesterday, and a sort of repeat about my discovery of surf music while just a young kid. Here is my site. Please stop by from time to time, as the content there will be different from this blog. I have now put more pressure on myself to write on a more regular basis!

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