Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Jezabels - Modern Rock from Australia

I love hearing a new band for the first time. I was wandering around YouTube in search of something new. It was with great pleasure that I found The Jezabels. 

The Jezabels began in Byron Bay, Australia, where singer Hayley Mary and keyboardist Heather Shannon worked together before moving to Sydney to study. The pair met up with drummer Nik Kaloper and guitarist Sam Lockwood and formed a band for their university's band competition in 2007.

The band was a hobby at first, but with some success behind them, they began treating The Jezabels more seriously. They started to write their own material and hone their playing skills.  The band's first release was the 2009 EP The Man is Dead, the first releases.  It received good reviews online and the band's profile was built upon when the single Hurt Me from their follow-up release She's So Hard began getting widespread airplay both locally and in the United States.

The Jezabels landed a support slot for duo Tegan & Sara. They tour took the band around the country as they headlined venues to positive reviews. The third EP, Dark Storm, found the band experimenting on both instrumentation and lyrical themes. The EP would top the Australian iTunes charts and also have a lengthy stay in the upper reaches of the ARIA alternative charts.

The band started an extensive tour of North America in 2010, with shows in the US and Canada, and sold out a series of Australian shows as well as appearing on the bill of numerous summer festivals. Early 2011 saw the band venture overseas with more shows added in the US as well as the UK, as well as start on the recording of their debut album, Prisioner.

The Jezabels remind of U2, with a few of their songs having a massive wall of sound, almost tailor made for an arena. Hayley Mary’s vocals are very similar to Tonya Donnelly and Shona Laing. The guitar work of Sam Lockwood is very much in the style of The Edge, but different enough to stand out as unique. The drumming on the song, Deep Wide Ocean, are fantastic. This is my favorite song so far off of the Prisoner CD. It is rare that I like most of the songs off a CD. Prisoner could be an exception as so far, I like every song.  

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