Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cookie 2001-2014

I probably don't get many readers on this blog anymore. I have lost interest for the most part, and have not had time to spend on it over the last year.  Music is always important to me, so maybe I will start up again soon.

I just had to write this, as I am sad, and want this to go out the internet for whoever stops by.

Pets have a way of getting into our hearts and lives. Our tabby, Cookie was with us since May 2001 until tonight, when we had to say goodbye.  He was a good cat.  He loved boxes, the top of our leather chair, and sitting up on the shelf we bought for him.  He loved to just sit on a chair on the deck and watch birds. Or take a stroll to the garden to munch on the grass. He had a habit of not using the litter box, of waking me up on a weekend morning when I just wanted to sleep in.  He wrecked more than a few rugs and a set of curtains. But he loved to sit on laps and curl up on the bed with us or on my stomach, which made up for it all.

In the end, it was quick for him, with the three of us there, and our son on the phone, as he is in college. I am so thankful for the vet and assistants for the professionalism and empathy they showed to us and Cookie.

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